How To Improve Quality Score In Google Ads

Quality Score is a crucial component of successful PPC marketing. Your Google Ads Q-Score impacts a number of areas of your campaigns and PPC strategies, including your costs, ad rank positions and more.


Here iMarket Business Support will tell you How to Improve Quality Score in Google Ads


What Exactly Is Quality Score? What Influences Your Grade?

iMarket Business Support tells that Your Quality Score is essentially a grade that Google assigns your PPC strategies. Google uses Quality Score to judge ads and ensure that they provide the best possible ad results to users based on their search keywords.

4 Steps for How to Improve Quality Score In Google Ads

Now that you have a clear picture of the factors that influence Quality Score, iMarket Business Support tells you that you can begin using that knowledge to improve your own scores.

Use your keywords

iMarket Business Support tells you to Be sure to use your keywords within the text in the ad. In general, three-word phrases or longer ones perform better. A very targeted search phrase such as this that contains 3 or more words is referred to as a long tail term. AdWords aside, these are what you generally want to target for your website as well over highly competitive and therefore expensive “head” terms.

Optimize your link to the landing page

iMarket Business Support tells you to Optimize the URL that the ad will point to. To do this, use your most relevant keyword in the URL. For example, “www. [your-website] .com/long-tail-terms-convert-better.html” rather than “www. [your-website].com/landing-page-1

Arrange your landing page title

iMarket Business Support tells you to Use your keywords within the landing page title and avoid all temptations of putting your brand name first, the closer to the start of the title tag a keyword is, the more helpful it will be for ranking and the more likely a user will be to click them in search results”



Verbs are your best friends in marketing. Use a strong call to action. What do you want your potential customer to do? Save, sign up, purchase, download.

Successful text ads tend to contain words that match a person’s search and tell them what they can expect when they click on the ad. (From Google AdWords Help)


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